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My mind keeps flashing,
Bits and pieces of delicious fantasies.
I slip on my summer dress.
As I feel the silky dress skim my shoulders, breasts, hips, pussy and thighs,
I am acutely aware of two rock hard nipples swelling with sensation.
The thought of you makes my pussy wet, my pulse quicken, my mouth water.
I’ll finish my cigarette and make my way upstairs for a quick shower to, “wash off today’s sweat.”
But really I’ll trim my pussy so
My fingers can find their way to my clit.
I’ll think about your head between my legs.
My hips rising to meet your mouth.
Your tongue sucking and flicking so expertly on my clit.
I’ll remember that your skills have been enough to make a lesbian regret not having having you eat her out when she had the chance
My body will stiffen as I ache to taste myself on your lips.
I’ll stifle a moan as I surrender.
And I’ll smile knowing that your mouth, fingers, and dick will make their way to me,

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